Courses List
No Course Title Level
2    The General Foreign Language    B.Sc.
3    Statistics and Research Methods    M.Sc.
4    Basics of Research Methods    M.Sc.
5    Applied Linguistics    M.Sc.
6    Research Methodology -I    B.Sc.
7    Research Methodology -II    B.Sc.
8    Teaching Methodology    B.Sc.
9    Testing    B.Sc.
10    Teaching Language Skills    M.Sc.
11    Language Testing    M.Sc.
12    Psycholinguistics    M.Sc.
13    English for Special Purposes E.S.P.    M.Sc.
14    Seminar    M.Sc.
15    Material Preparation    M.Sc.
16    Methods of Teaching (Theory)    B.Sc.
17    Introduction to Methods of Research I    B.Sc.
18    English Papers of Urban Geography    M.Sc.
19    Principles and Theories of Teaching Foreign Language -I    M.Sc.
20    Reading Comprehension II    B.Sc.
21    Conversation I    B.Sc.
22    Conversation II    B.Sc.
23    Linguistics I    B.Sc.
24    Linguistics II    B.Sc.
25    English Teaching Methodology    B.Sc.
26    Testing    B.Sc.
27    Essay Writing    B.Sc.
28    Research Principles and Methodology II    B.Sc.
29    Research Principles and Methodology I    B.Sc.
30    Psychology of Reading in Struction    B.Sc.
31    Principles and Theories of Teaching Foreign Language -1    M.Sc.
32    Theories of Evaluation and Their Application in Persian    M.Sc.
33    Principles and Theories of Teaching Foreign Language -II    M.Sc.
34    Issues in Persian Learning and Acquisition    M.Sc.
35    Sociolinguics    M.Sc.
36    Language Testing    M.Sc.
37    Material Preparation    M.Sc.
38    Seminar    M.Sc.
39    Language Testing    M.Sc.
40    Psycholinguistics    M.Sc.
41    English for Specific Purposes E.S.P.    M.Sc.
42    Advanced Research Methodology in Translation    M.Sc.
43    Advanced Translation Assessment    M.Sc.
44    Essay Writing in English    M.Sc.
45    Advanced Testing    Ph.D
46    Evaluation of Teaching Meathods    Ph.D
47    Technology- Enhanced language learning    Ph.D
48    Sociolinguistics    B.Sc.
49    English for Special Purposes    Ph.D
50    Qualitative and mixed Research Methods    Ph.D