Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Exploring Ferdowsi University students’ Interaction with Educational Programs and Identifying their Effective Cognitive Processes in E-learning Systems            0000-00-00
2    Constructing a Sociology of Translation            0000-00-00
3    design of material for teaching more frequent concepts of Persian language to intermediate non- Persian adult learners on the basis of integrated skills    M.Sc.    ,    2009-01-13
4    The Impact of the students\\    M.Sc.    moghimi, jaafar    2010-03-28
5    the criteria of teachers and proffessional translators for evaluating and scoring student\    M.Sc.    mirzajani, sedighe    2010-04-27
6    Genre-based Analysis of English Information Leaflets (PILs) and Examining the Reading Strategies Used by Skilled and Novice Readers in Reading PILs    M.Sc.    sheibani abdlusefi, rahil    2010-05-18
7    A Persian to Persian Dictionary for Non-Persian Speakers    M.Sc.    pirgazi, hadi    2011-01-19
8    A Persian to Persian Dictionary for Non-Persian Speakers    M.Sc.    sharifi, alireza    2011-01-19
9    Constructing a Sociology of Translation    M.Sc.    Jamalimanesh, Alireza    2011-02-23
10    The Relationship Between Teacher    M.Sc.    Rezvani, Yasser    2011-03-08
11    An Analysis of Non-Persian Speakers\\\\\\\' Reading Problems (A Task-based Approach)    M.Sc.    rambod rad, nasim    2011-05-02
12    Validating a Translation Strategy Questionnaire & Examining its Relation to Translation Students\' Locus of Control and Translation Achievement    M.Sc.    Moharer, Ali    2011-06-28
13    Assessing Executive Functioning, Metacognitive Awareness, and Creativity in Advanced EFL Learners and Beginners    M.Sc.    Showqi, Sara    2011-07-04
14    Exploring the relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ creativiy and burnout: A Chaos theory approch    M.Sc.    Raeesi, Ali    2011-09-27
16    Preparation and Codification the tutorial book persian high frequency words to non- persian speakers, based on 504 essential english words    M.Sc.    Bahari, Zahra    2011-12-21
17    personality and attitudes: an investigation of their relationship with speaking ability of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    amel sadeghi, narjes    2011-12-27
18    4. Cultural Intelligence, Writing Anxiety, Wriiting ability in Iranian EFL Learners: Delving into Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity    M.Sc.    shalchi toosi, somayye    2011-12-27
19    Examining the Predictive Power of Cultural Intelligence on Iranian EFL Learners’ Performance on IELTS Speaking and Writing Modules    M.Sc.    Golparvar, Seyyed Ehsan    2011-12-27
20    Willingness to communicate in English: An ecological model in Iranian EFL classroom context    M.Sc.    Khajavi Fadafen, Gholam Hassan    2011-12-31
21    Designing and Validating a Teacher Attribution Scale and Examining its Relationship with Teacher Burnout, Teacher Self-regulation, and Student Goal-orientation    Ph.D    ,    2012-03-11
22    On the Relationship Between Field Dependence-Independence Cognitive Style and Translation Achievement    M.Sc.    dastyar, hamideh    2012-05-13
23    Willingness to Communicate with Regard to Psychological Well-Being: the Case of Iranian University Students Majoring in English    M.Sc.    allahdadi, sahar    2012-05-16
24    flow in testing techniques of reading: a case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Iranrad, Elaheh    2012-05-20
25    An Investigation into the Role of Studying English Language and Literature in the Development of the Moral Judgment Level of Iranian Undergraduate Students: A Step toward Applied ELT    Ph.D    Javadimehr, somayeh    2012-05-21
26    The Relationship among Fluid Intelligence, Field Dependence/ Independence Cognitive Styles, and Language Proficiency    M.Sc.    Tafaghodi Yousefi, Atefeh    2012-05-30
27    Ideology and the Coverage of Syria Unrest by the BBC and Press TV: A Schema-Based Approach    M.Sc.    khosravani fard, hamed    2012-07-18
28    Investigating parameter resetting by Persian learners of English as a foreign language: The case of That-trace effect    M.Sc.    khosravani fard, ali    2012-09-19
29    The most important demotivational factors for EFL teachers in Iranian English language institutes    M.Sc.    moqaddam, hassan    2012-12-10
30    Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment-driven Instruction for TOEFL iBT: The case of Cognitive Diagnostic Analysis Feedback for Reading Skills    Ph.D    ,    2012-12-12
31    An Exploration of the Interrelationships Among Iranian EFL Learners’ Test-Taking Strategy Use, English Self-Efficacy, Metacognitive Awareness, and Their Test Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach    M.Sc.    Goudarzi, Elahe    2013-03-09
32    Detecting the Norms of Cultural Dimensions in Khorasan and the Influence of English Language Learning on these Norms    Ph.D    sabouri, fahime    2013-06-22
33    on the relationship between willingness to communicate and language learning strategies and ambiguity tolerance    M.Sc.    oladi, zakieh    2013-06-22
34    Developing The Identity Statuses Scale and L2 Learners\\\' Perceptions of Teachers\\\' Role in Identity Formation Scale and their Applications in EFL Settings: A Case of Formal and Informal Contexts.    Ph.D    Sayah, Leila    2013-07-01
35    Grammar-specific language impairment(SLI): A study in foreign language learning    M.Sc.    Hosseini, Amir Hossein    2013-07-13
36    : Iranian EFL Teachers’ and Students’ Willingness to Receive and Give Feedback, and their Associations with Teacher Burnout and Learner Motivation    Ph.D    Kermanshahi, Paria    2013-11-23
37    An interdisciplinary study on the impacts of high/low power posing on EFL learners\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' oral participation level and writing boredom    M.Sc.    Zabetipour, Mohammad    2013-11-23
38    Exploring the Relation Between Iranian EFL Students' EQ/CQ Level and their Preferences toward Their Teachers' Immediacy Behavior (verbal/nonverbal)    M.Sc.    ahmadi, maryam sadat    2014-01-04
39    The Effect of Multiple Intelligence-based Reading Program and Recast and Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension, Reading Self-efficacy Beliefs, and Casual Attributions for Success and Failure    Ph.D    Seyyedrezaie, zari sadat    2014-01-09
40    A Meta- analysis on Computer Assisted Language Instruction in EFL/ ESL Educational contexts    Ph.D    Vahedi, VahidehSadat    2014-01-09
41    Investigating Situational Factors Affecting Willingness to Verbally Communicate from an Ecological Perspective: the Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    taheryan, atefeh    2014-01-15
42    ٍExamining EFL Learners' Cultural Attachment and its relation to Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control and their Educational Achievement    Ph.D    Hejazi, Mahshid    2014-01-16
43    The Impact of Task-based Instruction on the Enhancement of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners' Speaking Skill and Emotional intelligence    M.Sc.    ganjavi, akram    2014-01-18
44    Designing a Narrative Writing Intelligence Scale, Proposing a Model of EFL writing ability based on NWI, Big-Five Personality Traits and EFL writing ability    Ph.D    Ziaei, Sima    2014-02-02
45    The Impact of Teacher’s Corrective Feedback on Willingness to Communicate and achievement in English in Mashhad Junior High School Students    M.Sc.    Zaredoost, Hossein    2014-02-08
47    Designing and Validating Temporal Intelligence Scales for Language Teachers and Learners, Investigating the Role of Temporal Intelligence in Burnout, Self-regulation and Learning Verb Tenses, and Conducting a Chronotopic Comparison between English and Persian Research Journals    Ph.D    Naji Meidani, Elham    2014-02-15
48    Their Conceptions of Teachers’ Initiation of Joint Attention in EFL Learning and a Model of L2 Achievement Based on Emotional, Social and Cultural Capital    Ph.D    Piri, Somaye    2014-02-15
49    Construct Validation of a Questionnaire of the Washback Effects of the Iranian Ph.D. TEFL Entrance Exam on its Candidates: Examining the Effect of Candidates’ Characteristics on their Educational, Economic, Social and Psychological Status    Ph.D    KHEIRKHAH, HASSAN    2014-02-22
50    effect of using think-aloud as a method of teaching reading strategies to secondary student's comprehension: Examining comprehension achievement on their self-efficacy in reading    M.Sc.    baradaran khaksar, matin    2014-03-08
51    Designing DIR EFL Sample Lessons and the Analysis of Iranian ELT Textbooks through the Construction and Validation of Scales for Measuring DIRability and Language Learning Emotional Attachement and its Implementation in Emotional Engagement, Language Learning Emotional Attachement, and Vocabulary Le    Ph.D    Rostami sarabi, sarah    2014-03-08
52    The Relationship between Teachers’ Personality and feedback with EFL Learners’ Self-Efficacy: A Study towards the Prospects of Effective Teaching    M.Sc.    hosseini, hourya    2014-03-08
53    Cultural exophoric references in English textbooks used at Iranian public high schools and private institutes: A comparative discursive study of the degree of referential burden    M.Sc.    hamed heidary, seyed jalal    2014-03-08
54    A Critical Look on the Grice's Cooperative Principle from Cross-cultural point of view    M.Sc.    Hashempour, Reyhaneh    2014-03-15
55    Investigating the Relationship between Student's Anxiety, Self- esteem , Willingness to Communicate and Success in Learning English as a Foreign Language    M.Sc.    Ghods, Elham    2014-04-09
56    The relationship between Communication Strategies and Fear of Negative Evaluation: Identifying the type of communication stratregies used by Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    zarei, samaneh    2014-04-16
57    Exploring Motivation and English test preparation strategies of Iranian pre-university candidates during and at the end of test preparation period for Konkor Examination    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Moghadam, Akram    2014-04-19
59    Metacognitive strategy training and its relation to willingness to read in English among medical students    M.Sc.    Hassanpour, Massoumeh    2014-05-17
60    The Relationship between Locus of Control and Iranian University EFL Learners’ Beliefs about Language Learning    M.Sc.    Alipour, nasibeh    2014-06-11
61    The Passage Dependency of TOEFL Reading Comprehension Items: The role of metacognitive reading strategies and test-taking strategies    Ph.D    Amiri, Mostafa    2014-06-14
62    The Effect of Keyword Method on Vocabulary Retention and Motivation of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Tavakoli, Armin    2014-06-29
63    A comparison between using music-based techniques and drawing-based techniques in teaching English vocabulary and structure to Iranian young learners    M.Sc.    marashi, mahya sadat    2014-06-29
64    Exploring Iranian EFL Teachers' Emotions and their Relations with Burnout, Emotional Labor, Achievement Goals, and Motives: A Mixed-Methods Study Gholam Hassan Khajavy Supervisor: Prof. Behzad    Ph.D    Khajavy Fadafen, Gholam Hassan    2014-07-05
65    Promoting Learning-Oriented Assessment Through Identifying Factors Underpinning EFL Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy and Successful Language Learners' strategies    Ph.D    Rahimi, Siamak    2014-07-06
66    The relationship between teacher perfectionism and EFL learners` anxiety, social connectedness, and self-efficacy    M.Sc.    Farhadravesh, Dena    2014-08-19
67    observing and interviewing EFL teachers in creating self-efficacy in classroom environment,and examining their learners' view points    M.Sc.    farrokhi, mahtab    2014-08-30
68    Designing a Test of Intercultural Communicative Competence and Examining Iranina EFL Learners' and Teachers' Perception of Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Mixed Method Approach    Ph.D    taheri abbas ghale, mojtaba    2014-09-27
69    Exploring Reading Strategies of Iranian EFL Readers: An Examination of Optimal Experience of Flow Induced Vs. Flow Reduced Text    M.Sc.    kananazar, hoda    2014-10-24
70    The Lyrical Sensibility in English Nature Writing: An Ecolinguistic Perspective    Ph.D    Kordjazi, Zahra    2014-10-25
71    investigating the use of politeness strategies in the    M.Sc.    Kouhzad, Arezoo    2014-10-25
72    The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training on Stuttering Among Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Aminzadeh, Afrouz    2014-11-29
73    an investigation into flow in second grade and pre- university text book: constructing a flow driven text    M.Sc.    alavi, salma sadat    2014-12-14
74    A Study on the Relationship between Cultural Capital of Senior High School English Teachers and Their Self-efficacy in Mashhad    Ph.D    Hassanzadeh Tavakoli, Farzaneh    2014-12-24
75    The triadic roles of categorical versus hypothetical deontic conceptions,approaches to learning,and goal orientation inIranian Upperintermediate EFL students' reading performance    Ph.D    Dehnad, VidaDehnad, Vida    2014-12-27
76    Translating Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test into Persian and Exploring Its Relationship with the Emotional Intelligence of Students Majoring in English    M.Sc.    hezareh, ommolbanin    2015-01-08
77    An Examination of the Most Common Woops-Moment Strategies and Their Relation to Personalities and Expertise of Iranian English Language Teachers    M.Sc.    soleimaniabhari, rezvaneh    2015-01-11
78    Development and Validation of a Constructivist English Learning Environment Survey(CELES): Examining its effect on Iranian EFL University Students' Motivation and Reading Comprehension Achievements    Ph.D    hosseini, hosna    2015-01-17
79    The role of proficiency level on the use of passive construction In written discourse of Iranian EFL learners: A corpus-based study    M.Sc.    Atitork, Ava    2015-01-17
80    Usage pattern of linking adverbials in Iranian EFL learners' argumentative essays and the relationship between the learners' proficiency level and use of linking adverbials    M.Sc.    naseri, sajedeh    2015-01-17
81    Constructing and validating a computerized adaptive test for Iranian EFL writing: a case of grammar, vocabulary and dictation    M.Sc.    Mohajerpour, Mehrdad    2015-02-07
82    The role of generative techniques in enhancing L2 reading attitude, L2 reading motivation, and L2 reading strategy use as predictors of L2 reading achievement: Revising the L2 Reading Motivation Construct    Ph.D    Akbari, Hadi    2015-03-06
83    Investigating the Effect of Cultural Intervention Program on Reducing the Effect of English As a Foreign Culture: A Case of Home Culture Attachment    M.Sc.    dadmehr, seddigheh    2015-03-09
84    Exploring the Effect of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence On Reading Anxiety and Willingness to Read among Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Shams Zadeh, Shima    2015-03-09
85    Evaluating Multiword Expressions Based on Iranian EFL Teachers’ and Learners’ Perceptions    M.Sc.    Omidian, Taha    2015-03-09
86    A Cross-Cultural Investigation into Politeness Strategies Employed in Book Reviews: Are English and Persian Native Speakers Different?    M.Sc.    Khaledi, Somayyeh    2015-03-09
87    The impact of generative learning strategies on EFL learners’ reading achievement and critical thinking    M.Sc.    Teimoury, Nasrin    2015-03-16
88    The Relationship Between EFL Teachers’ Motivation And Risk-Taking Ability And Its Ramifications in Dynamicity of Their Classroom Based on Chaos/Complexity Theory    M.Sc.    Marzban, Behrooz    2015-03-16
89    Validation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in EFL Learning Context: a Path toward Self-actualization in Education    M.Sc.    Barzakhi Farimani, Zahra    2015-05-14
90    Genre and Metadiscourse Analysis of Iranian Companies' Replies to Foreign Customers’ Inquiry Emails    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Faezeh    2015-06-03
91    A Comparative Study in the Use of Metadiscourse in Discussion Sections of Research Articles in Agriculture Written by Iranian and English Speaking Scholars    M.Sc.    Ziyaee, Manizhe    2015-09-09
92    A mixed methods approach to culturally responsive classroom management (CRCM) in EFL education in Iran. Designing and validating a CRCM scale    Ph.D    Shiriaminloo, Masoumeh    2015-11-16
93    Exploring Appraisal in the Discussion Sections of PhD Dissertations: A Comparative Metadiscursive Analysis of Iranian English as a Foreign Language and American English as a Native Language Speakers    Ph.D    Loghmani, Zahra    2015-12-05
94    Exploring phrasal complexity across proficiency levels in argumentative essays by Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Shadloo, Farzaneh    2016-03-14
95    The Relationship between EFL Students' Personality Type and Willingness to Communicate and Teachers' Teaching Style in Conversation Classes    M.Sc.    zahedikasrineh, ashkanzahedikasrineh, ashkan    2016-04-16
96    Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety and Its correlates: A Meta-analysis    M.Sc.    Taherian, Tahere    2016-05-01
97    Development and Validation of an Inventory on Teachers’ Beliefs about Action Research (ITBAR) and Identifying Factors Which Affect These Beliefs Based on Actor-Network Theory    Ph.D    Rahmani Doqaruni, Vahid    2016-09-07
98    Conceptions of Intelligence and Ambiguity Tolerance in Teacher Burnout: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers    M.Sc.    zhaleh, kiyana    2016-10-30
99    Self-fulfillment in Higher Education: Contributions from Mastery Goal, Intrinsic Motivation, and Assertions    M.Sc.    HOSSEINI BAYGI, SEYED ALI    2016-12-11
100    Investigating Writing Revision Strategies of Skilled and Novice EFL Students    M.Sc.    valinia, shima    2016-12-18
101    Comparing Lexical Bundles in Research Article Abstracts Published in Iraqi Journals and International Journals in Three Disciplines    M.Sc.    Abdulabbas, Jaafar    2016-12-18
102    The Role of Cooperative Learning in Iraqi Secondary School EFL Learners' Willingness to Write and Their Writing Achievement    M.Sc.    Al-Abais, Nadhim Tuheily Salim    2016-12-25
103    Designing and Validating English Language Acquisition Scale and Explaining its Relationship with English Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness in EFL Classes    Ph.D    Younesi, Mostafa    2017-01-01
104    Designing and Validating a Scale on Believers’ Orientation by Resorting to the Holy Quran and Exploring Its Relationship with Grade Four Senior High School Students’ Religious Orientation, Life Satisfaction and English Language Achievement    Ph.D    Shakhsi Dastgahian, Beheshteh    2017-01-01
105    Developing and Validationg an EFL Learners' Immunity Questionnare: A Probe into Iranian EFL Learners' Conception of Immunity and its Relationship with Motivation, Emotion, and Possible Selves    Ph.D    attaran, atena    2017-01-15
106    Investigating Teachers’ Differential Behavior and Teacher’s Pet Phenomenon in the Iranian Higher Education Context: Perceptions and Motivation    Ph.D    vahidnia, fatemeh    2017-01-15
107    Designing and Evaluating a Gamified Online Vocabulary Learning System for the Instruction of General Academic Vocabulary    Ph.D    khazaee khalil abad, mohadeseh    2017-01-15
108    Exploring the Association between Iranian EFL Learners’ Achievement Goals, Social Goals, Personal Best Goals, and the Degree of Engagement with Foreign-Language-Learning Task via a Mixed-Methods Approach    Ph.D    Hosseyni Ramshe, Mostafa    2017-02-27
109    A Qualitative Clinical Study of University Students in a Foreign Language Context: A Case of Learner Immunity    Ph.D    Samavarchi, Laila    2017-02-27
110    The Examination of the Effect of Verbal Short-term Memory and Word Encoding Strategy in developmental Dyslexia among Iraqi EFL Students: A Case of Baghdad    M.Sc.    SAMEER SABEA, AlAA    2017-02-27
111    Examining the Effect of the Persian Dubbed Version of “Dora the Explorer” as a Way of Teaching English Vocabulary to Iranian Kindergarten Children    M.Sc.    salamat, faezeh sadat    2017-02-27
112    Revisiting Vigotsky's Notion of ZPD from a Cultural & Gender perspecive    Ph.D    hassanzadeh, tahereh    2017-02-27
113    Relationship of Social Class and Foreign Language Learners' Locus of Control    M.Sc.    Reza Soltani, Mahmood    2017-03-11
114    Exploring the Effect of Iraqi EFL Teachers’ use of Code Switching on Their Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability and Motivation    M.Sc.    ABDUL MOHSIN ALI, JAMEELAH    2017-03-13
115    The Relationship Between Iraqi EFL Teachers’ Creativity and Designing Multiple-Choice Questions and Identifying Flaws: A Case Study of Najaf    M.Sc.    al-khafaji, hussein    2017-03-13
116    Vocabulary Learning, Involvement Load Factor vs. Exposure Factor: A Case of Iranian High School Learners    M.Sc.    Pourali, Alireza    2017-03-13
117    The Impact of Attending English Language Classes on Attributional Complexity: A Case Study of Iranian EFL University Students    M.Sc.    Bakhshizadeh, Elham    2017-03-13
118    The Content analysis of the questions in the books    Ph.D    Nejatiyan, Hossein    2017-03-14
119    Investigating the Effect of Explicit and Implicit Vocabulary Corrective Feedback on its Retention and Willingness to Read of Iraqi High School EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Alkhazali, khalid    2017-04-10
120    Electronic Mail: A Cultural Indicator or Just a Communication Tool? Investigating the Writing Style among European and Asian Business E-mails    M.Sc.    vahabzadeh, mohamad hossein    2017-04-16
121    Investigating Situational Factors Affecting Willingness to Speak from an Environmental Perspective: The Case of Iraqi EFL Learners    M.Sc.    alsaadawi, Ihsan    2017-04-17
122    Examining Passage Dependency in IELTS Reading Comprehension Tests Through its Relation to IQ: A Probe into Test-taking Strategies    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Mahdi    2017-05-01
123    Examining the Relationship Between L1, Teacher Immediacy, and L2WTC: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Mirfakhraei, Fatemeh    2017-05-21
124    Ethical Dimensions of Teaching: Exploring Iranian Senior High School Teachers’ Perceptions of Moral Dilemmas in EFL Classrooms    Ph.D    moezzipour, neda    2017-05-21
125    Construction and validation of a Task-Based Proficiency Test in Persian Language    Ph.D    roodmajani, mohsen    2017-06-11
126    An Item Analysis Study of the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Center's Placement Test    M.Sc.    sarafraz yazdi, saeideh    2017-11-06
127    Designing and Validating Scales on Emo-sensory Preferences of EFL Learners and Teacher Care for Students’ Emo-sensory Preferences and Their Relationships In An Iranian Context    M.Sc.    Mohtasham, Mohammad    2018-01-15
128    Investigating Iraqi EFL University Students' Problems in Writing Composition and the writing process through keystroke logging: A Case Study of English Literature at Kufa University    M.Sc.    aldankgi, hayder    2018-02-19
129    Investigating Causes of Pronunciation Problems of Iraqi Undergraduate and Postgraduate EFL Learners and Constructing and Validating a Willingness to Learn Pronunciation Skill and its Relation to Their Speaking Ability.    M.Sc.    LAHMOOD, AMAL HADI    2018-03-05
130    Investigating the Relationship between Iraqi EFL University Students’ Knowledge of Grammar and Perceptual Learning Styles, and Exploring Demotivating Factors Related to Grammar Learning    M.Sc.    Al - Abedi, Aqeel Mery Mohammed    2018-03-12
131    Developing and Validating a Motivation to Learn English Grammar Scale and examining its relation to Iraqi High School EFL Learner Grammatical Ability    M.Sc.    Al fadhli, Doaa Hazim Mohammed    2018-03-12
132    The role of Iraqi EFL Learners’ Out-of-Class Study Strategies in their Language Achievement : A Comparison of “Good” and “Ordinary” Language Learners    M.Sc.    KNEHIR, ZAINAB    2018-03-12
133    A Comparative Grammatical Analysis of Three English Textbooks taught in English Language Institutes    M.Sc.    Hashemian, Seyed hamed    2018-04-07
134    Evaluating of English language use in tourism industry in Iran    M.Sc.    elahi, roya    2018-06-18