Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A Meta-analysis of Relative Effectiveness of Flipped Learning in English as Second/Foreign Language Research    Ph.D    Mojdeh Shahnama    1400/07/28
2    Examining the role of literary competence in enhancing Iraqi TEFL students’ intercultural communicative competence    M.Sc.    zinah Al-joda    1400/07/24
3    Social Intelligence and IELTS Writing: Investigating the Linguistic and Functional Dimensions of the Writing Skill of Iranian EFL University Students    M.Sc.    neda nejadabdollah    1400/07/17
4    An Investigation into Recent Iraqi Protests as Represented in Local and International Newspapers: A CDA Approach    M.Sc.    aboothar ali taher    1400/03/22
5    Role of Cultural and Spiritual Intelligences on Students’ Performance in English Language Test    M.Sc.    SARAH THAER JAMEEL ALSHINAYYIN    1399/11/26
6    Investigating the Role of Demotivation in Teacher Resilience and Teacher Efficacy among Iranian Private Sector English language Teachers    M.Sc.    Mohammad Bahadori Fallah    1399/11/21
7    Humanizing Practices of the Iranian High School Twelfth-Grade English Workbook: Investigating Teachers’ and Learners’ Attitudes    M.Sc.    Melika Esmailzade anari    1399/11/19
8    Designing Memory-Based Tasks for Reading Comprehension Exercises of 11th Grade English Textbook Taught in Iran    M.Sc.    SAMANEH ZARIFNAJJAR TAZEH JAVAN    1399/11/19
9    Designing and validating a foreign language psychological capital inventory: A cross-application study of English, French, and Arabic languages    M.Sc.    Roya Araghian    1399/08/23
10    Effects of Planning Time on L2 Writers’ Fluency, Revision and Pausing Behaviors, and Linguistic Complexity: A Keystroke Logging Study    M.Sc.    Zh Erfani    1399/07/21
11    Examining Pet Discourse and Personality of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    ّFatemeh Ardaneh    1399/07/20
12    : Exploring Teachers’ and students’ Attitudes towards English Language Large Classes at Herat University, Afghanistan    M.Sc.    AHMAD FAWAD kakar KAKAR    1398/09/23
13    Effect of a New English for Tourism Course Book on Vocational English Language Students' Learning    M.Sc.    Zahra Shirzad Moghaddam    1398/06/30
14    Investigating Culturally-Responsive Classroom Management (CRCM) in the Iranian EFL Education: Designing and Validating aCRCM Scale    Ph.D    Masoumeh Shiriaminloo    1398/06/27
15    English Language Students Perceptions of Teacher Pet Phenomenon: A Mixed Methods Analysis in the Iranian Higher Education Context    Ph.D    fatemeh vahidnia    1398/06/26
16    The relationship between Iraqi English language teachers and students preferences about different classroom activities    M.Sc.    Sajjad Altameemi    1398/06/23
17    Investigating and Validating Iranian EFL Learners’ Conception of Immunity in Light of Emotion, Motivation, and Coping Behaviors    Ph.D    atena attaran    1398/06/20
18    A Bibliometric Analysis of Journal of Teaching Language Skills Between 2011 & 2017    M.Sc.    mostafa ghafouri asl    1398/06/10
19    Examining the CQ level of Iraqi Senior University English Language Students and its Relationship to their Writing Ability    M.Sc.    HASAN HADI ABD ALSAJJAD albalawee    1398/04/30
20    Designing and validating a Persian Proficiency test    Ph.D    mohsen roodmajani    1398/04/30
21    Examining Iranian High School English Teachers’ Assessment Literacy: Proposing Productive Testing Items for High School English Learners    M.Sc.    farideh delghandi    1398/04/29
22    The Significance of Culture in EFL Classrooms: EFL Teachers’ Conceptions and Classroom Applications in Iraqi Context    M.Sc.    Hussein Alsharhanee    1398/04/15
23    A Meta-Analysis of Reliability Coefficients, and Research Methods in ESP Journal between 2008 & 2018    M.Sc.    FADHEL ALMSAED    1398/04/15
24    A Longitudinal Investigation of the Relationship between Directed Motivational Currents and Personal Bests, Buoyancy, and Evaluation Apprehension of Iranian EFL Learners: A Mixed Methods Approach    Ph.D    Safoura Jahedizadeh    1398/04/05
25    A Comparative Grammatical Analysis of Two English Textbooks taught in English Language Institutes Based on Cunnings Worth’s Criteria    M.Sc.    Seyed hamed Hashemian    1398/04/05
26    Examining the challenges of Iraqi Graduate and Post-Graduate English Language Students in Iran    M.Sc.    HUSSEIN MADLOOL    1397/11/28
27    Exploring Appraisal in the Discussion Sections of PhD Dissertations: A Comparative Metadiscursive Analysis of Iranian English as a Foreign Language and American English as a Native Language Speakers    Ph.D    Zahra Loghmani    1397/08/19
28    Revisiting Vigotsky\'s Notion of ZPD from a Cultural & Gender perspecive    Ph.D    tahereh hassanzadeh    1397/08/12
29    Developing and Validating a Motivation to Learn English Grammar Scale and Examining its Relation to Iraqi High School EFL Learners Grammatical Ability    M.Sc.    Doaa Hazim Mohammed Al fadhli    1397/06/31
30    Investigating Causes of Pronunciation Problems of Iraqi Undergraduate and Ggraduate EFL Learners and Constructing and Validating a Willingness to Learn Pronunciation    M.Sc.    AMAL HADI LAHMOOD    1397/06/26
31    Examining the relationship between L1 use, Teacher immediacy, and L2 Willingness to communicate: A Case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Fatemeh Mirfakhraei    1397/06/19
32    Investigating Iraqi EFL University Students' Problems in Writing Composition and its process through keystroke logging: A Case Study of students of English Literature at Kufa University    M.Sc.    hayder aldankgi    1397/06/14
33    Investigating the Relationship between Iraqi EFL University Students' Knowledge of Grammar and Perceptual Learning Styles, and Exploring Demotivating Factors Related to Grammar Learning    M.Sc.    Aqeel Mery Mohammed Al - Abedi    1397/05/03
34    Usage pattern of linking adverbials in Iranian EFL learners' argumentative essays and the relationship between the learners' proficiency level and use of linking adverbials    M.Sc.    sajedeh naseri    1396/11/29
35    Development and Validation of an Inventory on Teachers’ Beliefs about Action Research (ITBAR) and Identifying Factors Which Affect These Beliefs Based on Actor-Network Theory    Ph.D    Vahid Rahmani Doqaruni    1396/11/23
36    Investigating the Effect of Explicit and Implicit Vocabulary Corrective Feedback on its Retention and Willingness to Read of Iraqi High School EFL Learners    M.Sc.    khalid Alkhazali    1396/11/15
37    Investigating Writing Revision Strategies of Skilled and Novice EFL Students    M.Sc.    shima valinia    1396/10/24
38    Conceptions of Intelligence and Ambiguity Tolerance in Teacher Burnout: A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers    M.Sc.    kiyana zhaleh    1396/08/20
39    Examining the Effect of the Persian Dubbed Version of “Dora the Explorer” as a Way of Teaching English Vocabulary to Iranian Kindergarten Children    M.Sc.    faezeh sadat salamat    1396/06/28
40    Examining Passage Dependency in IELTS Reading Comprehension Tests Through its Relation to IQ: A Probe into Test-taking Strategies    M.Sc.    Mahdi Mohammadi    1396/06/27
41    Development and Validation of a Constructivist English Learning Environment Survey(CELES): Examining its effect on Iranian EFL University Students' Motivation and Reading Comprehension Achievements    Ph.D    hosna hosseini    1396/06/14
42    The Examination of the Effect of Verbal Short-term Memory and Word Encoding Strategy in developmental Dyslexia among Iraqi EFL Students: A Case of Baghdad    M.Sc.    AlAA SAMEER SABEA    1396/05/24
43    Self-fulfillment in Higher Education: Contributions from Mastery Goal, Intrinsic Motivation, and Assertions    M.Sc.    SEYED ALI HOSSEINI BAYGI    1396/04/31
44    The Role of Cooperative Learning in Iraqi Secondary School EFL Learners' Willingness to Write and Their Writing Achievement    M.Sc.    Nadhim Tuheily Salim Al-Abais    1396/04/31
45    Designing a Narrative Writing Intelligence Scale, Proposing a Model of EFL writing ability based on NWI, Big-Five Personality Traits and EFL writing ability    Ph.D    Sima Ziaei    1396/03/17
46    The role of generative techniques in enhancing L2 reading attitude, L2 reading motivation, and L2 reading strategy use as predictors of L2 reading achievement: Revising the L2 Reading Motivation Construct    Ph.D    Hadi Akbari    1396/03/17
47    Construct Validation of a Questionnaire of the Washback Effects of the Iranian Ph.D. TEFL Entrance Exam on its Candidates: Examining the Effect of Candidates’ Characteristics on their Educational, Economic, Social and Psychological Status    Ph.D    HASSAN KHEIRKHAH    1395/11/28
48    The Lyrical Sensibility in English Nature Writing: An Ecolinguistic Perspective    Ph.D    Zahra Kordjazi    1395/11/28
49    Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety and Its correlates: A Meta-analysis    M.Sc.    Tahere Taherian    1395/10/26
50    The role of proficiency level on the use of passive construction In written discourse of Iranian EFL learners: A corpus-based study    M.Sc.    Ava Atitork    1395/09/30
51    Promoting Learning-Oriented Assessment Through Identifying Factors Underpinning EFL Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy and Successful Language Learners' strategies    Ph.D    Siamak Rahimi    1395/06/23
52    ٍExamining EFL Learners' Cultural Attachment and its relation to Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control and their Educational Achievement    Ph.D    Mahshid Hejazi    1394/12/24
53    Delving into Iranian EFL teachers’ behaviors of raising learners’ self-efficacy, and their learners’ perceptions: A qualitative study    M.Sc.    mahtab farrokhi    1394/11/07
54    The Passage Dependency of TOEFL Reading Comprehension Items: The role of metacognitive reading strategies and test-taking strategies    Ph.D    Mostafa Amiri    1394/11/07
55    Exploring Reading Strategies of Iranian EFL Readers: An Examination of Optimal Experience of Flow Induced Vs. Flow Reduced Text    M.Sc.    hoda kananazar    1394/11/06
56    The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training on Stuttering Among Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Afrouz Aminzadeh    1394/10/30
57    Genre and Metadiscourse Analysis of Iranian Companies' Replies to Foreign Customers’ Inquiry Emails    M.Sc.    Faezeh Ebrahimi    1394/10/30
58    Exploring the Relation Between Iranian EFL Students' EQ/CQ Level and their Preferences toward Their Teachers' Immediacy Behavior (verbal/nonverbal)    M.Sc.    maryam sadat ahmadi    1394/10/30
59    A comparison between using music-based techniques and drawing-based techniques in teaching English vocabulary and structure to Iranian young learners    M.Sc.    mahya sadat marashi    1394/10/29
60    An Examination of the Most Common Woops-Moment Strategies and Their Relation to Personalities and Expertise of Iranian English Language Teachers    M.Sc.    rezvaneh soleimaniabhari    1394/10/28
61    Exploring Iranian EFL Teachers' Emotions and their Relations with Burnout, Emotional Labor, Achievement Goals, and Motives: A Mixed-Methods Study Gholam Hassan Khajavy Supervisor: Prof. Behzad    Ph.D    Gholam Hassan Khajavy Fadafen    1394/10/02
62    A Meta- analysis on Computer Assisted Language Instruction in EFL/ ESL Educational contexts    Ph.D    VahidehSadat Vahedi    1394/09/03
63    The Effect of Multiple Intelligence-based Reading Program and Recast and Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension, Reading Self-efficacy Beliefs, and Casual Attributions for Success and Failure    Ph.D    zari sadat Seyyedrezaie    1394/08/26
64    Exploring the Effect of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence On Reading Anxiety and Willingness to Read among Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Shima Shams Zadeh    1394/06/31
65    Investigating the Effect of Cultural Intervention Program on Reducing the Effect of English As a Foreign Culture: A Case of Home Culture Attachment    M.Sc.    seddigheh dadmehr    1394/06/30
66    Constructing and validating a computerized adaptive test for Iranian EFL writing: a case of grammar, vocabulary and dictation    M.Sc.    Mehrdad Mohajerpour    1394/06/29
67    investigating the use of politeness strategies in the    M.Sc.    Arezoo Kouhzad    1394/06/29
68    A Comparative Study in the Use of Metadiscourse in Discussion Sections of Research Articles in Agriculture Written by Iranian and English Speaking Scholars    M.Sc.    Manizhe Ziyaee    1394/06/29
69    The Impact of Teacher’s Corrective Feedback on Willingness to Communicate and achievement in English in Mashhad Junior High School Students    M.Sc.    Hossein Zaredoost    1394/04/31
70    Exploring Motivation and English test preparation strategies of Iranian pre-university candidates during and at the end of test preparation period for Konkor Examination    M.Sc.    Akram Mohammadi Moghadam    1393/12/24
71    The relationship between Communication Strategies and Fear of Negative Evaluation: Identifying the type of communication stratregies used by Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    samaneh zarei    1393/11/17
72    The Relationship between Locus of Control and Iranian University EFL Learners’ Beliefs about Language Learning    M.Sc.    nasibeh Alipour    1393/11/08
73    The relationship between teacher perfectionism and EFL learners` anxiety, social connectedness, and self-efficacy    M.Sc.    Dena Farhadravesh    1393/11/06
74    The Effect of Keyword Method on Vocabulary Retention and Motivation of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Armin Tavakoli    1393/11/05
75    an investigation into flow in second grade and pre- university text book: constructing a flow driven text    M.Sc.    salma sadat alavi    1393/10/28
76    effect of using think-aloud as a method of teaching reading strategies to secondary student's comprehension: Examining comprehension achievement on their self-efficacy in reading    M.Sc.    matin baradaran khaksar    1393/09/19
77    A Critical Look on the Grice's Cooperative Principle from Cross-cultural point of view    M.Sc.    Reyhaneh Hashempour    1393/08/28
78    Metacognitive strategy training and its relation to willingness to read in English among medical students    M.Sc.    Masoumeh Hassanpour    1393/07/08
79    The Relationship between Teachers’ Personality and feedback with EFL Learners’ Self-Efficacy: A Study towards the Prospects of Effective Teaching    M.Sc.    hourya hosseini    1393/06/29
80    Grammar-specific language impairment(SLI): A study in foreign language learning    M.Sc.    Amir Hossein Hosseini    1393/06/17
81    4. Cultural Intelligence, Writing Anxiety, Wriiting ability in Iranian EFL Learners: Delving into Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity    M.Sc.    somayye shalchi toosi    1391/11/09
82    flow in testing techniques of reading: a case of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    Elaheh Iranrad    1391/10/10
83    personality and attitudes: an investigation of their relationship with speaking ability of Iranian EFL learners    M.Sc.    narjes amel sadeghi    1391/09/25
84    Examining the Predictive Power of Cultural Intelligence on Iranian EFL Learners’ Performance on IELTS Speaking and Writing Modules    M.Sc.    Seyyed Ehsan Golparvar    1391/06/18
85    Exploring the relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ creativiy and burnout: A Chaos theory approch    M.Sc.    Ali Raeesi    1390/11/12
86    the criteria of teachers and proffessional translators for evaluating and scoring student\    M.Sc.    sedighe mirzajani    1390/06/30